It’s that time of year again and no I didn’t mean Valentines’ Day (although that is important). Americans are faced with the tax deadline of April 18th. The question is how do you get your taxes prepared? For years, we used an accountant until I convinced my husband that we could do the same thing […]

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That’s right, if tax time is a dreaded occasion for you – largely because you equate the entire process with drowning in a shallow swimming pool – then you might benefit from some handy tips on how to stay on top of the tax process. It’s no harder to handle your taxes than it is […]


It seems that personal finance bloggers like to poke fun at the giant financial mess called California.    We have one of the highest unemployment rates (12.4%), our housing market collapsed and don’t forget the humongous state budget deficit of $26 billion. A lot of that deficit is caused by generous state employee pensions.  Cities have the […]


The April 15th tax deadline has passed and you failed to file your tax return or request an extension. Whatever the cause for not filing your return, you must make a decision regarding your next course of action and quickly to remedy the situation. Do not convince yourself that the IRS will simply overlook the […]


  Congratulations to my niece and her husband on the birth of their son, Micah, on Friday evening.  He was a healthy 8 lb. 11 oz.  My sister now has three grandsons under the age of 18 months! Not quite as life-changing was my second guest post published at Sweating the Big Stuff this past week. Please visit […]