The Best Times in Life are Free

by Kay Lynn

photo credit: thtstudios

It’s been a rough week or so.  My former mother-in-law and an uncle passed away.  Holiday obligations compete for time and attention.

My tank was empty.  I called Mr. Boomer up and said “how would you like to go see Alex?”  He was game. After confirming with Alex’s parents we were off.

After 90 minutes with him my soul was renourished.  Who’s Alex?  He’s our grandson I refer to as the most adorable baby in the world.  Of course, my sisters think their grandkids earn that title.  Hmm, maybe I am biased.

When I’m with Alex I get to play and be silly.  He laughs at me and with me.  I get to do all those things I did with my little boys who are now grown men.  It can be tiring, but every minute is a joy.

I’ve turned into one of those grandparents that bore you with pictures of their grandchildren except my photo album is on my cell phone (and my home computer, work computer and netbook). 

Do you remember those credit card commercials that tout the cost of an item and then tie it to an emotional moment which had a price tag of priceless?  Well, those commercials were half right.  Time spent with loved ones is priceless (but you don’t need a credit card to experience it). 

No amount of money could have brought Mr. Boomer and I the happiness and joy we have when we’re with Alex.  The best things in life really are free!

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Mary October 2, 2011 at 2:33 pm

I just blogged about another best “free” thing (Cheap Date Nights) so it was fun to read your story! I found your blog from Get Rich Slowly and look forward to poking around!

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