Three Electronics That Make Me Drool

by Kay Lynn

Since I work in the technology field, I naturally am attracted to electronics with the newest features. Of course, I don’t want the newest for bragging rights. It has to make my life easier or enhances a current use.

Last year, I wanted a GPS. Mr. Boomer thought we didn’t need it as printing maps from mapquest or google maps would meet our needs. It made sense to get one especially for business trips so I took advantage of a Black Friday sale. 

One year later we are both glad to own this handy device.  I’ve used it on business and personal trips and Mr. Boomer just used it last week while visiting his kids in Arkansas.  Conversely, I wanted a Wii last year and bought that.  It didn’t get as much use as I envisioned (okay, I only used it a few times) so I sold the games and system.  

Well, I’m lusting after three hot electronics this year.  We’ll see if I end up owning any before the New Year.

1. IPhone.  I didn’t buy into the hype regarding this phone and until a couple of months ago didn’t want one.  Many of my co-workers own them and find the apps feature to be incredibly useful. I would love being able to keep up with email, twitter, facebook all without being tied down to a desk.  Add in the additional features of tracking spending and food choices and it’s a winner.  Right now, the price is keeping me at bay but a strong rumor is that a 8 GB version of the 3Gs will be out soon.

2. Netbook.Having an iPhone might take the edge off my “needing” a netbook.  I have a laptop at work and at home.  My work laptop is 4 years old and very heavy.  My home laptop is about 18 months old and much lighter.  However, it has a 17 inch screen.  Both of these are not optimal for traveling because of their weight and/or size.  Again, some of my coworkers have netbooks and I see how they are truly mobile.  Can you meet this need with an iPhone?  Not sure.

3. Kindle.  Mr. Boomer and I love to read.  We take 6-10 books with us on every vacation.  Having said that this item is in the least likely to buy category primarily because you can read e-books on both the Iphone and Netbook.  The Kindle cost is high for a device that only does one thing.  One cool thing it does is allow annotations so you can write your own notes without writing all over a book (which is sacriligous to me!).

My strategy is to hold off buying until I see a deal too good to ignore OR the lust diminishes (or is more likely replaced by some other new gadget).  If you have any of these items, are they worth it?

Photo by  Marius Røstad/ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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