Top 5 Places I want to Visit

by Kay Lynn

I don’t want to get to Dave Ramsey’s step 7 just to acquire money. The point of money is to be able to do the things Mr. Boomer and I want to and live comfortably the rest of our lives.

You might remember  the movie “The Bucket List” a couple of years ago when two dying gentlemen make a list of things they want to do before dying.  Steve @ Brip Blap published his bucket list last week which got me thinking.

The three main things on my bucket list are loving and enjoying my family, giving generously and  traveling.  I’ve been to all 50 states and Mexico and Canada (check North America off the list).  Courtesy of cruising Mr. Boomer and I have been to many caribbean countries and territiories as well as some Central American countries.

My mother took my sister and I on a trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales a few years ago.  I’d love to go back, but there are many places I haven’t been to that are on my list of top places to see before I die.

1. Italy.  The first country we probably will visit once we start tackling this bucket list is Italy.  The cities on my list are Rome, Florence, Venice and Naples.  So many sights to see and experience. 

2. Japan. Mr. Boomer is not excited about this one because he doesn’t care for Japanese food.  I think there’s enough Western food there to get us through.  Japan is on the list for sentimental reasons as well as cultural.  My older son’s daughter lives there as it is her mother’s home country.  So when she’s old enough to remember us hopefully we can go spend time with her and enjoy the country.

3. Tahiti. Hawaii is Mr. Boomer’s favorite vacation spot so far.  I think Tahiti may match and exceed it.  Pristine beaches, friendly people and warm weather sound irresistible!

4. Australia.  The land down under is not much smaller than the United States, but a lot less populated with an estimated 22 million people. Other than the great distance, this would an easier place to visit because of the common language and somewhat similar history of colonization (okay the convicts are more exciting than the pilgrims!).

5. South America. This time I’m not picking a specific country (let alone city).  We’d like to visit so many places in this continent including Brazil, Peru, Chile and  Cape Horn.  This might be one of the first places we hit on our bucket list since mass market cruising makes it more affordable and less intimidating.

There are many more places and sights Mr. Boomer and I hope to visit before we can no longer travel, but this will get us started.  Do you have a bucket list?  Is travel one of your priorities?

Photo by Nino Barbieri 

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