Two Sources of Miscellaneous Income

by Kay Lynn


As we have probably all learned the way to have more money (other than to inherit it or win it) is to spend less or earn more. Mr. Boomer and I are pretty good at spending less than most at our income level.

I am not going to get a job selling pizzas just so my car or school loans get paid off sooner. But there are other ways to earn a little extra income. As I have previously written I’ve been selling books and DVDs on Ebay and¬†(which is now owned by Ebay). Maybe some day blogging will generate revenue for me but that’s not in the immediate future.

But I have earned income with not too much effort from two different sources in August that I wanted to share with you. I learned about both from Carrie at Money Saving Methods.

1. Opinion Outpost. I received a $10 check earned by taking online surveys. These surveys usually only take a few minutes and are often fun. The topics have ranged from hair care to automobiles to potato chips. I’m one survey away from another $10 check from Mysurvey which is another online market research company.

2. YouData. Money earned at this site is just for viewing ads and clicking through to the website. They pay weekly via PayPal and I’ve earned a grand total of $1.43 in three weeks. This amount is low due to the fact that they are not offering many ads at this time; I will see if it improves over time or not. In the meantime, I let the money sit in my account and will use it towards my next Paypal purchase.

I have signed up for a couple of mystery shopping vendors, but so far the compensation for the jobs offered does not seem worth the time and effort to get to the shop site, make the transaction, get home and report my findings. For example one offer was to earn $5 to rate the sales transaction at a video game store. It required a small transaction which would not be reimbursed. Gas alone would take most of that compensation, let alone the item cost.

Are you earning money online outside of selling items? Please share what you’re doing as well as your thoughts on the value overall. I’ve decided the surveys won’t make me rich but I’ll continue as long as it stays fun.

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