Using Coupons: Not Just for Groceries

by Kay Lynn


As you might know by now, I like to live well and save money at the same time. Using coupons helps Mr. Boomer and I do just that. I talked about coupons in an earlier post on grocery savings. But there are coupons for a lot more than items at the grocery store. Here are a few that I use most often.

Restaurants. I cook out of necessity, not because it is a passion. (Well, there goes my chance to become rich and famous with a cooking blog.) My favorite restaurant coupons are for either a stated amount off such as $5 off or buy one get one free with no other requirements. Since it is just the two of us now the latter offer can make it cheaper to eat out than prepare a like meal at home, plus I get to get it served and no clean-up.

Personal Services. Mr. Boomer uses coupons for haircuts and has found a place with regular coupons, good quality and service. I’m too picky about my hair to do the same, but I have used coupons for other personal services including pedicures, manicures and massages.

Cars. There are coupons for many car expenses including car washes, oil changes, and parts. Using these can help stretch your car maintenance funds further and a well-kept car will last longer and retain a higher value.

Movies. Our local newspaper prints coupons every week for a movie theater chain that gives us $5.50 admission any time of the day for movies out longer than two weeks. We used these last week to see the latest Harry Potter film and enjoyed it just as much as those paying full price at 40% less.

You can find coupons in many places other than newspapers. For one thing, sign up for the guest program at businesses you use. This is where I get many of the restaurant coupons via email. Another source is the local Entertainment book. This book includes coupons for all kinds of services besides restaurants including flowers, airfare, and even the grocery store.

Mr. Boomer and I have been using coupons since the beginning of our courtship when it was not considered cool and embarrassed the kids.  Now, we look smart.   I think saving money for something you would buy anyway has always been smart.    How about you?  Do you use coupons and where do you get them?

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