Week in Review: Appreciation Edition

by Kay Lynn


 Mr. Boomer is on a mini-vacation visiting his kids the past few days.  Handling his household duties has given me new-found appreciation for all he does.  It’s good to have time apart once in a while to remind us not to take our partners for granted.    An additional benefit is that I get to make all the decisions on how to spend the weekend.  I bet I just do the same old, same old.

It’s time to share my favorite posts with you from this past week.  There’s some good reading!

Editor’s Picks

 1. Eliminate Expenses That Are Not Relevant. This article by Mbhunter @ Mighty Bargain Hunter discusses how cutting expenses that are not meaningful any longer can make an impact on your savings.  One of his examples brought to mind a Project Management group membership I renewed earlier in the year and yet I haven’t been to one of the events in about 5 months and I don’t read the monthly journal.  Guess what I won’t be renewing in 2010!

2. Go Big and Go Broke. Keeping in the same theme, Shawanda Greene @ You Have More than You Think! advises not to jump into major expenses without making sure it will be used.  Be sure to read the entire post to see real-life Craig’s List postings of newish items that people bought and did not use.

3. Top 100 Female Personal Finance Bloggers 2009.Yes, I know this post wasn’t published in the last week, but I just read it for the first time last week so that counts, right? This list of female personal finance bloggers @ Her Every Cent Counts is too good not to share with you. I encourage you to visit the sites listed and find some new favorites.  And no, I’m not on it….yet.

4. Splitting The Check Evenly = Tipping Evenly?. You go out to lunch with a friend or group and agree to split the tab evenly. J. Money @ Budgets are Sexy asks if that includes the tip. I thought there was an obvious answer, but by the comments could see it wasn’t so clear cut.

5. How to Keep a Customer Happy.Steve @ Brip Blap boils how to keep customers down to one skill…listening. Read the article to understand how that differs from hearing.


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