Week in Review: Baseball Post-Season Edition

by Kay Lynn


The regular baseball season ends today and this coming week will be the start of postseason play.  My beloved Padres were not a promising team this year and they held up to that prediction.  But the wonderful thing about baseball is that hope springs eternal for next season!

My week was busy at work and home after returning from vacation.  To add to the usual post-vacation catch-up I will be traveling all week for business starting today so I had pre-trip preparation.  Oh well, it makes life interesting.  On to the week’s reading and carnivals!

Editor’s Picks

1.  Why (and How) You Need To Review Your Credit Card Statement. A few months ago, I had difficulty getting a credit from Amazon.com for returned merchandise (due to an inaccurate address).  Despite being told multiple times, I would have a credit somehow it never happened.  I disputed the charge with American Express and was successful in getting a refund.  

Based on my own experience, I think you should read this article by Craig Ford @ Moolanomy Personal Finance which includes the importance of reviewing credit card statements and how to handle inaccurate transactions.

2. Dealing with the Recession. This past week I wrote about my family’s fallout from the recession. I thought this post by Living Almost Large was a good overall look at how people have dealt with the recession in general.  She also has a post this past week on joining accounts which is something Mr. Boomer and I will probably due before I retire.

3.  101 Ways to Give. Giving is a topic I’ll write about later this month. Craig @ Money Help for Christians offers 101 ideas on how to give of your money, time and talents.  It made me look at giving as not having to be big to make a difference.  You may find you give more already than you knew!

4. 5 Ways to Win the Race to Retirement.Having walked a marathon in the past I appreciated the analogy of the journey to retirement as to running (or walking) a marathon. Jtopp@ Redeeming Riches writes about this longer journey and how to stay on track.

5. Retirement Planning and Social Securitycountdown.  I had to include this article by Mr. GoTo @ Go To Retirement (after all Retirement is part of this blog’s title).  Of note is the five milestones on the social security timeline.  I’ve hit the first one!


I participated in the Baby Boomer’s U.S. (The Blog) Carnival for the first time.  This is a blog dedicated to all things baby boomer.

Baby Boomers Blog Carnival Seventh Edition/ @ Baby Boomer’s U.S. (The Blog)
Festival of Frugality 197th Edition @ Funny About Money

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