Week in Review: Chile Edition

by Kay Lynn

Earthquake Data, Feb 27th

A little over a week ago Chile endured the fifth worst earthquake in the world since 1900. Yet, the reaction is very different than from the Haiti earthquake in January.  Why?

The loss of life (although not fully known) was much less than with the Haiti quake.  A couple of thousand compared to a couple of hundred thousand.  Hugh difference.  Second, the construction standards were much tougher in Chile.  Since most buildings didn’t totally collapse more people were able to survive. 

Strangely, this makes me feel better about when (not if) a big one hits California again.  Bridges, highways, and hospitals are among the infrastructure that are or have undergone earthquake retrofitting.  All new construction is built to withstand shakers.  Our experience should be like Chile’s.

Editor’s Picks

 These are my favorite personal finance articles of the week in no particular order.  I hope you enjoy.

1. Say What?@ Frugal Zeitgeist tackles the subject of inheritance and older parents in response to the recent Money Magazine article suggesting parents should stop spending it.

2. Mint.com Income Disparity by Gender & Race.  Check out this interesting graphic of the U.S. Income Gap brought to us by @ Fabulously Broke.

3. 20 Eco Tips to Green Your Bathroom. Mr. Boomer and I try to live green as much as we can in our condo. @ Modern Hippie Mag gives us 20 possibilities to be green in one room!

4. Cheap Meals: Dine for Less but Keep the Great Taste and Healthy Foods.You can save money and eat well wtih these tips from a guest post @ PT Money.

5. How to Document Your Possessions for Insurance. @ Finance for a Freelance Life provides information on how to be prepared for making an insurance claim if your home is damaged or destroyed. The tip to store the proof off-site is very important. If the house is burned down with the documentation inside that’s not going to help.

6. Lessons from the 2010 Winter Olympics. Behind the pageantry and scores @ Chasing Prosperity points out life lessons taught at the Olympics.

7. What Does it Take to Make You Switch Banks? Use these tips from @ Get Rich Slowly to decide if it’s time to change your banking institution.

8. How to Give Your Child an Allowance. These guidelines from @ Gather Little by Little are helpful in getting the most benefit from kid’s allowances.

9. Can I Afford to Give an Offering? @ Personal Finance Journey discusses the question of giving and timing.

10. 55 Marketable Hobbies that you Love & Can Get Paid For. Just because I’m a ways from the 20 somethings doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from this post @ 20 Something Finance including 55 hobbies which can earn cash.


 Carnival of Financial Planning Edition #131 @ The Skilled Investor
The 219th Festival of Frugality – The Ration Book Edition @ Miss Thrifty

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frugal zeitgeist March 8, 2010 at 11:34 am

Thank you for the link love! Very much appreciated, and I’m glad you liked the post.

Bucksome March 9, 2010 at 12:55 pm

You are very welcome. I’m a fan of yours.

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