Week in Review: Christmas Edition

by Kay Lynn


I’m back from a little break (very little) which was spent having a wonderful Christmas holiday.  Even if you don’t celebrate this Christian event, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday. 

Mr. Boomer and I hosted a family gathering Christmas Eve with lots of laughs, food and love.  The next day’s festivities were capped off by the San Diego Chargers winning their game and the 2nd seed for the AFC playoffs.  Woo hoo!

Despite the holiday this past week my fellow bloggers kept producing good reading(made me feel a little lazy)!

Editor’s Picks

 I know the holidays are over but here are a few that I couldn’t resist including as picks.


1. 12 Last Minue Gift Ideas.Kelly Whalen @ Consumerism Commentary gives us a list you can use for any gift occasion.

2. Christmas Giving Self Exam: How Did You Do?A thought-provoking article by Joe Plemon @ Personal Finance by the Book on giving at this time of year.

3. Bah Humbug! 3 Ways To Be More Like Scrooge. Kathryn @ Million Dollar Journey reminds us there’s a lot to learn from Scrooge after his ghostly visits.

4. How to Regift Unwanted Presents.  A.B. @ Moolanomy Personal Finance presents a good plan for successful recycling of those not-so-perfect gifts.

5. Merry Christmas – A Personal Story. Last in this category (but definitely not least) is Paul @ Fiscal Geek’s story of finding Jesus as a result of a Christmas gift and a brotherly jab.


1. Personal Finance 101: What is Social Capital? Trent @ The Simple Dollar discusses how social capital impacts your financial state.

2. Disputed/Fradulent Credit Card Charges. Well Heeled from @ Well Heeled Blog endured resolving two credit card billing problems in one week and gives us the benefit of her experience.

3. Borrow Money With Prosper & Lending Club.I’ve talked about investing with Lending Club, but Jim Wang @ Bargaineering writes about his experience on the other side with both Lending Club and another peer to peer lending organization, Prosper.

4. Net Worth vs. Self Worth: Money Isn’t Everything.David Bakke in a guest post @ The Digerati Life reminds us that there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed in the quest to save or make money.

5. Why I pretend I don’t know anything about computers. FB @ Fabulously Broke made me laugh as I saw myself (a little bit) in the cartoons. Yes, I am my household’s tech support. I work in the application side of the biz, but fortunately have a brother who’s a network engineer to bail me out when I get stuck.


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