Week in Review: Dow 10K Edition

by Kay Lynn


 The big news in the financial world this week was that the Dow hit and then closed over 10,000.  Many bloggers posted how it didn’t mean anything, but they’re not understanding what it means mentally. 

We’ve seen the Dow Jones dive from over 14,oo0 in October 2007 to a low of under 6500 in March 2009 and now recovery up to 10,000 in October 2009.  What a crazy ride, but we’re on the right trajectory now.  We feel it’s improving even if we can’t see it yet.

There was good economic news locally as San Diego saw the unemployment rate decline for the first time this recession from 10.6 to 10.2% in September.  Other good news was that eight local zip codes saw an increase in median housing prices from the same period a year ago.  All in all a good news week unless you’re one of the unfortunate ones still losing your job, house or other assets.  

Here are some of my favorite articles during this news-filled week.

Editor’s Picks

1.  Vacations are expensive, should we go or stay. Since I just gave you the gory details of my recent vacation costs this discussion of whether or not to vacation by Stew @ Gather Little by Little was timely and full of good information.

2. History of Credit Bureaus: Equifax, Experian, Transunion and Innovis. First of all I didn’t even know there was a fourth credit bureau and that’s not the only new tidbit included in Jim Wang @ Bargaineering’s article. This is a timely reminder to check one credit bureau every four months for your free credit report. This is actually a piece of advice I follow!

3. How to Find a Job using Social Medial Tools.  Erick Folgate @ Money Crashers discusses how to extend your job search to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Many baby boomers are a little late to this game, but really need to learn it (myself included) to keep up with our younger co-workers or fellow jobseekers.

4. Fall Cleaning For You and Your Financials.A co-worker mentioned a spouse who would not throw anything away. This article by Craig Kessler @ Moolanomy Personal Finance is for him and all the rest of you packrats (or conversely those that throw everything away!).

5. The Worst Seat on an Airplane is the Best Seat in the Office. Do you know what seat Financial Samurai @ Financial Samurai is talking about? We actually joke about the “bathroom” cube at our office. Who knew it was the best seat?


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