Week In Review: First Anniversary Edition

by Kay Lynn


It’s the first anniversary I’ve celebrated on bucksomeboomer.com.  I can’t believe it’s been one whole month of blogging.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my experience to date in the next post so please stay tuned!
Buck$omeboomer’s Financial Path to Retirement
As usual my peers and masters in the personal finance blogosphere published valuable material again this week.  Here’s my top 5.

1. Book Week 2009. Craig at Money Help for Christians kicked off his book week with 5 reasons why people should read more.  Mr. Boomer and I are lifetime readers so this selection was obvious to me.  Later posts in the week include top christian financial authors, where to buy books for less and the best way to sell books online.

2. Emergency Funds. I couldn’t resist the fire truck image for this topic! Craig at Suburban Dollar included this in a article series on back to basics.  Although I don’t agree with his representation of Dave Ramsey’semergency fund philosophy (which is 3-6 months of living expenses in baby step 3), he offers good information that can’t be heard too often in this post and the series.

3. 55 Ways to Simplify your Finances.I have to include Wojciech Kulicki of Fiscal Fizzle’s list just because of the sheer volume, let alone the fact that these many little things can make a kaizen difference.  Plus number 55 is reading personal finance blogs which means you need to continue tuning in!

4. Spend Time to Save Money. I learned two new things in this post which are how to use a price book and getting the most from CVS shopping.  But that’s not all… Mrs. Micah also includes several sites for online coupons to help you save on necessities.

5.  Songs about Money. I loved this unique post combining pop culture with personal finance. Frugal Dad lists top 10 songs having to do with $.  Even if you don’t think about the meaning of the lyrics listen to these and enjoy the music!  My personal favorite is “Money Talks” by AC/DC.

Have a great week and happy anniversary!

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