Week in Review: Frugal Week Edition

by Kay Lynn


I’ve designated this frugal week in honor of the Frugalista Convention 2009 organized byLeslie @  Frugal Mommy Living starting Monday.  Come back throughout the week for posts dealing with my thoughts and experiences related to this topic.  When you read this I’ll be in Miami on vacation so enjoy your week and the reading. 

Editor’s Picks

1. The Sunshine Tax. Miss M @M is for Money talks about the high cost of living here in the golden state and what is known locally as the sunshine tax. I can relate.

2. Should We Pay Children Allowance .  Must be the time of year or something but I read several blog posts on children and allowances this week.  I thought Matt @ Debt Free Adventure had an unique perspective with how children should distribute their allowance.  It’s a little too complicated for me but I’m onboard with the approach.

3. 8 Things to Cut Out of Your Life Immediately. Sara @ On Simplicity lists eight things that no one should put up with and I think at one point or another I’ve dealt with all of them except number 7.  Read the article to find out which one.

4. Wants vs Needs: What’s the Difference?  J. Money @ Budgets are Sexy brings spending back to the  basics in differentiating between a want and a need.  You can even download a useful worksheet to help keep it straight.

5. We’re Debt FREEEEEEE!.  Brad @ Enemy of Debt posted a video of his journey to get to the glorious moment of screaming  “We’re Debt Free”.  Find a later post on his site of his little  boy also proclaiming to be debt free.  So cute!


Carnival of Money Hackers 82nd Edition @ Four Pillars

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Self-Reliance-Exchange September 21, 2009 at 2:04 pm

Thanks for the link love! 😀 Debt freedom ROCKS!

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