Week in Review: Halloween Edition

by Kay Lynn



Halloween is the end of this week and I’m making plans for my costume.  No, I’m not going out to any parties, but we have a costume contest at work most years and I’m planning to dress up  this year.  I don’t ever win because I don’t put that much effort into it, but it is fun to participate and enjoy the goodies afterwards! 

While you’re planning your costume and activities enjoy some of my favorite articles in the blogosphere this week.

Editor’s Picks

 1. Living Will. I thought this article from Ray @ Financial Highway was a nice follow on to my living will story. Learn why it’s important, who should have one and how to get it.

2.  25 Frugal Halloween Costumes.My planned costume is on this list by Jill @ Moolanomy Personal Finance. You should find something that will work for you from this list.

3.  I’m Being the Match. Mrs. Micah writes about her upcoming donation as a result of a match via the National Marrow Donor Program. She has an inspiring tale and information about becoming registered as a potential donor.

4.  Working With Computer Nerds. Loved this post by Mr. Cheap @ Four Pillars since my day job is at a technology company and I’m surrounded by nerds (and have been accused of being one).  It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek article with more than a grain of truth in the observations.

5. 9 Steps to Winter Water Saving.We’re in a drought in California and have assigned watering days in many cities. This post from Go Frugal Blog @ Freeshipping.org has some good tips. I plan to insulate our water heater this year.


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