Week in Review: Little League Champions Edition

by Kay Lynn

What an exciting week! A local team, the Park View Little League All-Stars from Chula Vista, won the Little League World Series. The entire San Diego metropolitan area was rooting for these guys and it’s given us pride and joy to see them play each game.

It was also an exciting week for me as I was in my first blog carnival. Actually, I was in two!  Just think, three months ago I was didn’t even know about blog carnivals.


Adam from Your Money Relationship hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #219 which included my article on 5 Free Budget Tools.

My article on Using Coupons: Not Just for Groceries was in the Festival of Frugality last week which was hosted by Jason from Automatic Finances.

Editors Picks

I’ve selected five of my favorite blog articles from the week and hope you enjoy them as well.

1. Updated: Top FIFTEEN Garage Sale Rules.  I enjoy going to garage sales and wish many of the sellers would read this article by Mrs. Modern Tightwad @ Modern Tightwad. My favorite tips are the 10% rule and putting the items out clearly.

2. The Advantages of Credit Cards over Cash. Craig Ford @ Money Help for Christians takes on the concept that credit cards themselves are bad. He lists ten reasons you might choose to use plastic versus paper. I don’t agree with all of them (as you’ll see in the comments to this post) but am definitely on board with charging business expenses that are reimbursed.

3. My Frugal Failure while Furniture Shopping. You might remember that Mr. Boomer and I made a not so frugal purchase a couple of weeks ago when we bought a new TV. Aryn at Sound Money Mattersmade me feel not so guility with her post. Have you ever heard of sofa bed sheets?

4. How to Sell your House Fast – 9 Tips to get the Most from your Home Sale.  If you are even thinking about selling your home, you’ll want to read this post by Pinyo @ Moolanomy Personal Finance.  I am happy to report that Mr. Boomer and I did do most of these which is why we were able to sell as the market was going down, down, down!
5. Pick the Low Hanging Fruit to Get your Finances in Order.  Much of what I write about is low hanging fruit which is probably why this article by Patrick @ Cash Money Life caught my eye.  Little changes can add up to a big result.

Please visit the carnivals and these articles for some great information. Congratulations to Park View!

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