Week in Review: Netbook Edition

by Kay Lynn


You might remember that one of the electronics I drool over was netbooks.  Well, I no longer have to drool (at least for this item) as I bought a Gateway netbook at the Best Buy pre-Thanksgiving sale.  It traveled with me Friday when l flew to my extended family’s weekend Thanksgiving dinner.

We also found a Maytag washer on sale at Home Depot to replace our dying machine which included free delivery and haul-out of the old machine.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait for California to start the cash for appliances rebate program.

Despite the shortened holiday week for most bloggers there was a lot of good articles published.  Enjoy some of my favorites.

Editor’s Picks

1. Be Thankful This Thanksgiving. Jill @ Moolanomy Personal Finance reminds us of what we have to be grateful for today (and every day). I certainly don’t feel “rich” until I compare our household income to the rest of the world. She also points out that being thankful is more than words. We should demonstrate our thanks in actions and deeds.

2. Top 6 Debt Myths. Ray @ Financial Highway tells us why six common beliefs about debt are myths.  Maybe what you think is fact really isn’t?

3. Triage Your Finances. My military career was in the medical arena and field triage was one of the skills I learned. Kelly Whalen @ Consumerism Commentary applies triage methodology to finances.

4. Flexible Spending Accounts Provide Free Money. Why Pass it Up? I razzed Len @ Len Penzo Dot Com for not including my Black Friday post in his roundup so I needed to include him… Seriously Len’s post was selected because I feel just as strongly about the benefit of using FSAs.  Too many smart people don’t take advantage of this benefit.

5. Lifestyle Changes by Design. Sometimes Mr. Toughmoneylove @ Tough Money Love is just too, well, tough (yes I am a bleeding heart).  Read this article on thoughtful spending to see why I always enjoy his frank talk.

6. Lazy = No Money. Stew @ Gather Little by Little reminds us that laziness results in paying more or losing out on opportunities. Remember my deferred maintenance true stories? Too bad we hadn’t read this post first.

7. Learn To Day Trade: Try Paper Trading First. You won’t find me discussing stocks, bonds and mutual funds (at least not at this point) because I don’t know much about ’em. Silicone Valley Blogger @ The Digerati Life has the perfect solution for me and others in my shoes. Practice investing with simulated brokerage accounts. It’s a great idea!


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