Week in Review: NFL Edition

by Kay Lynn

The NFL season began Thursday with an entertaining game between Tennessee and Pittsburgh that went into overtime before there was winner.  At times it looked bad for the Steelers, but they persevered and ultimately won.  This is an important principal when it’s comes to any of life’s challenges including personal finances.

Here are some of my favorite articles from other bloggers this week and the carnivals that featured Bucksome Boomer articles.

Editor Picks

1. and once again forced to reflect on that day.Steve @ Bripblap writes a poignant post about his first 9/11 anniversary away from New York.  It is moving and shows the depth of emotions Americans still have about that day.

At work, several of us commented what we were doing when we learned about 9/11.  I had just boarded a plan to start a business trip to New Jersey.  When the flight was cancelled and we debarked, we still did not really understand.  As I drove to the office listening to the radio tears started streaming down my face.

2. Why I Like ING Direct. I have my emergency fund stashed at ING Direct which initially was opened with a promotional offer from Costco for the free money and the good interest rate.  Also, it’s easy to get to, but not TOO easy. Jill @ My Dollar Plan includes the pros and cons with a favorable report on ING Direct.

3. Personal Finance for Couples – How to Start the Finance Discussion with Your Significant Other. Earlier this week, I posted about partner financial compatibility. Ray@ Financial Highway has great advice on how to get started on financial talks. The six pointers will be especially useful for new couples.

4. 5 Ways To Be Prepared for Costly Natural Disasters. I was planning to write an article on emergency preparedness last week and then read this article from Fox @ Squawkfox.  These steps will help you be ready for a natural disaster.  The Boomer household was evacuated for three days two years ago due to wildfires so I will write about our experiences later.

5. Would you go to a wedding if you had to pay for your meal?Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a bride and groom want guests to pay for their own reception dinner. Clever Dude @ Clever Dude is pretty outraged as are most commenters. He points out this is an example of being cheap rather than frugal.  Read my thoughts in the comments.


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