Week in Review: Nobel Peace Prize Edition

by Kay Lynn


President Barack Obama was selected to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this week.  Whether you voted for him or not, was it not a proud moment for our country?  Evenings were filled with major league baseball playoffs and Jim and Pam’s wedding (The Office). 

Miss M @ M is for Moneyis celebrating the blog’s first birthday. Sometimes I feel so late in the blogging world but then someone like Miss M inspires me as proof it is possible to be successful without having blogged for five years or more.  Happy birthday and to many more.  I really enjoy your writing!

Editor’s Picks

1.  Saving Money is not Hard! Miss M points out that despite what advertisers may try to convince you, saving money is not mission impossible.  You just have to make this payment to yourself a budget line item and stick to it.

2. That Makes me Stabby: Gifts=Love.Other than the fact that I didn’t understand the meaning of the word “stabby”, this article by Aryn @ Sound Money Matters is relevant as we prepare for the holidays. As we plan to downsize gifts this season it’s important to understand that the true value of a gift is not the price but rather the thought, care and meaning behind it. Oh, stabby means very bad mood or crazy mad.

3. 4 Estate Planning Documents You Need Today. Jill @ Moolanomy reminds us of the importance of putting your ducks in a row with a will, durable power of attorney, health care proxy and living will. Mr. Boomer and I planned to do this several months ago but neglected the task. Don’t follow our example!

4. How to Read Your Social Security Statement. Do you know what the annual pre-birthday social security statement means? Jim Wang @ Bargaineering explains how to read the estimated benefits, earnings and how to identify red flags.

5. We’re Ignorant Idiots! Tell Us Why A Flat Tax is Not Fair.I don’t think anyone will argue that the current tax system is easy, fair or even a good system. Financial Samurai makes the case for a flat tax in the U.S.   A close runner-up on this site is the article on controlling spending for the month of September.


 Carnival of Everything About Personal Finance 12th Edition @ Nil2Million.com

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