Week in Review: Office Party Edition

by Kay Lynn

Strawberry DaiquiriHoliday activities are in full swing and we kicked off the weekend with my company’s annual holiday party.  It is always fun to see your co-workers gussied up and a big change from our normal casual attire.  I also enjoy chatting with spouses that I might only see once or twice a year.

After dinner and casino games it was time for the raffle prizes.  I won $200 in gift certificates to a chain of local restaurants.  Mr. Boomer and I are already planning where to spend them!

This was a great way to end a day that started off not so well.  I had a post 90% drafted to publish Friday morning and then the browser unexpectedly closed.

When I reopened the post, not a word was saved.  So, I just gave up and went to work.  You’ll see the retyped post tomorrow!

Around the Web

At Couple Money this week I asked if the Monday through Friday job is outdated?

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Editor’s Picks

Enjoy some of my favorite reads from this past week.
1. 10 Gifts that Keep on Saving. I love the idea of giving something that will be used by the recipient AND save them money. (The Saved Quarter)

2. 3 Weekend Jobs that Pay #50 an Hour. What I like about this list is that none of these jobs require a lot of training and two are something even I would do. (Wealth Pilgrim)

3. Money Mirages: 6 Money-Saving Ideas That Are Anything But. I used to be one of those people that only looked at the monthly payment and not the overall cost of the car and I still do the last one. Oh well, there’s room for improvement. (Len Penzo Dot Com)

4. 5 Important Lessons the Soup Nazi Can Teach You about Business.After watching that Seinfeld episode who would have thought we could learn good business lessons from that guy?   (Gen Y Wealth)

5. How to Make Candy Cane Reindeer. These are the cutest decorations for your tree or home that are so easy to make. (Crystal and Company)

6. However you want to do gifts this year has my seal of approval. There are a lot of opinions on there about gift-giving. Read this list of reasons why you can give whatever you want. (Mighty Bargain Hunter)

7. Why You Should Donate More Money to Charity. Giving is the best part about this holiday season do you need eight reasons to give more? (Sweating the Big Stuff)

8. Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus and Brad & J’s 2010 CHRISTMAS Stimulus!!!. That’s not a typo; both Brad and J. Money are giving away $200 in prizes each. The comments are great to read as well. (Budgets are Sexy and Enemy of Debt)

9. We wish you a debt-free Christmas. Great rewrite of Engelbert Humperdinck’s song, Lonely is a man without love. (Surviving and Thriving)

10. Are E-Books Cost Effective? The Pros and Cons of E-Books. You might be surprised by the end analysis, but it’s the solution I already have in place. (Get Rich Slowly)

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