Week in Review: School Days Edition

by Kay Lynn


School started back in session this past Thursday in the local school district.  It was fun seeing the parents come into work later because they were helping their kids start a new school year.  It may me a little reminiscent for those days.

Here’s five of my favorite blog articles this week to start the school year!

1. Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Review.Jim Wang @ bargaineering does his home work with a book review of Total Money Makover. Read this for an overview of the seven baby steps as well as a great explanation of the debt snowball.  I don’t know if the book offers significantly different content than “Financial Peace Revisited”, but the baby steps are the same!

2. The Days of Land Lines are Numbered.Wojciech Kulicki @ Fiscal Fizzle makes the list two weeks in a row. Mr. Boomer and I gave up having a land line a couple of years ago so this article peaked my interest. He makes good argument for the demise of land lines for most of us and why they will be with us for some time.  Do you still have a land line and of so, do you really need it?

3. Warehouse Clubs. Nicole @ Being Frugal is Fabulous discusses how warehouse clubs make a positive difference to her family budget. She also notes some people can’t help but overspend in the wonderland of consumer goods. Since we live close and go often, Mr. Boomer and I can stick to our list and only buy the items we need. The warehouse club definitely helps us stretch our budget farther.  Which camp are you in?

4. Give with a Plan. Stew @ Gather Little by Little has an interesting analogy between Lattes and giving according to Paul.  I won’t give anything away about that except to say it caught my eye on a topic most of us probably don’t think about enough.  This is not your usual article about tithing!

5. Frugality Still Not “Acceptable. Mrs. Modern Tightwad @ Modern Tightwad reveals that although frugality may be more common that doesn’t mean it’s socially acceptable. Do you plan to go back to your previous spending habits when good times return? I hope we all retain at least some of our new thrifty habits.

Now go do your homework and enjoy these articles. Have a great school year!

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