Week in Review: Time Change Edition

by Kay Lynn

Hopefully you remembered to turn back your clocks before heading out this morning.  When I was a teenager  it seemed I was invariably scheduled to work time change Sunday.  In the Fall, I’d arrive an hour early and in the Spring an hour late!

This week I shared my mom’s delicious (and easy) chili recipe over at Couple Money. If you try it, let me know what you think.

Editor’s Picks

These are some of my favorite articles in the blogosphere this past week. Enjoy!

Always Keep $100 in Your Checking Account. This is great advice and something I started once my budgeting became more precise. (Budgets Are Sexy).

Financial Lessons from a Different Generation – Learning from Grandparents. I bet nearly all of us have heard wise advice from grandparents. This is a great list. (Couple Money).

Wisdom of a 10 year Old. A youngster with a can recycling business demonstrates the power of early financial education. (Bruce Bucks)

Pros and Cons of Blogging. This is a realistic look at the business of running a blog. I agree that the positive outweighs the negative. (Money Reasons)

Does my Vote Matter? Before Tuesday’s election this post questions the reason for low turnout as well as interesting ideas for changing it. (Financial Samurai)

Should the Poor Tithe? I would reword to the question from “tithe” to “give” and it’s a clearer answer. (Money Help for Christians)

Closet Cull 2010. Red has inspired me with post to take a hard look at my closet in the near future. Well, this and the fact that I’m running out of room. (Girl with the Red Balloon)

Our Wisest Money Decision. If everyone had made the same decision, the housing crisis would never had happened! (Family Balance Sheet)

Do You Save Instead of Paying Debt? I used to do this but changed tacks in 2009. What do you think? (Watson Inc.)

Canned vs. Dried Beans: Which Are Cheaper? I use lots of canned beans so this discussion was interesting although I think the non-monetary cost of dried beans is overlooked. (Wise Bread)


Carnival of Money Stories – Halloween Aftermath Edition @ Live Real Now

Carnival of Personal Finance #281: Halloween Candy Edition @ Consumerism Commentary

Festival of Frugality #254 Magical Penny’s Kraftwerk Edition @ Magical Penny

Yakezie Carnival @ The Saved Quarter

photo credit: Roby Ferrari

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Roshawn @ Watson Inc November 7, 2010 at 6:32 am

Hey Kay,

Thanks so much for the link!!!! I really liked these articles too… about to head over and read should the poor tithe?

Money Reasons November 7, 2010 at 7:56 am

Thanks for the mention!

Hope your weekend went well!

Kay Lynn November 14, 2010 at 12:20 pm

Roshawn and Money Reasons — you are both welcome for the links!

Kristia@Family Balance Sheet November 7, 2010 at 5:18 pm

Thanks for including my post.

I certainly enjoyed my extra hour of sleep this morning.

Kay Lynn November 14, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Kristia, I got an extra hour of errands before flying out instead of sleep; but an hour is an hour!

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