Week in Review: Wimbledon Edition

by Kay Lynn

Why so sad, Mr. Fuzz?
A lot of people are watching World Cup matches but at the Boomer household it’s about tennis.  The incredible match this past week between American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut is indescribable. 

Both men exhibited traits useful in all areas of life (personal finance…) including perservance, mental toughness, sportsmanship and endurance.  In the end they set many new records that it’s hard to imagine ever being broken. 

On to this week’s selected blog readings.

Yakezie Picks

Financial Samuraistarted a discussion heard throughout the blogosphere regarding East Coast versus West Coast. (You can probably guess what I think). That got bloggers in other parts fired up.  Girl With a Red Balloon thinks the South is the happiest place on earth while Sustainable Life Blog tells us Mountain West is the best.

Do you know the difference between a condo and a co-op?  Well, I didn’t and appreciated this post from My Journey to Millions.  I’m glad to live in a condo versus co-op.

If your vacation involves flying use this list of 20 ways to save on airfare from Wealth Informatics.

Car Negotiation Coach shares how to make money with car wraps. I would definitely consider this if I didn’t have to drive clients for work occasionally.

Do you have the six documents you need but hate to think about? Bargaineering reminds us to get prepared.

Money Crush asks readers to challenge common wisdom and look for alternate ways of thinking. Read this and think.

Editor Picks

Get Rich Slowly reminds us that bigger isn’t always better. We have to appreciate what we have and not always be looking for a bigger house, car, etc.

Vacations may be relaxing but require planning.  Christian PF writes about planning your finances for vacation.

Squackfox uses a similar system I do for gift giving.  Download her gift-giving worksheet as a resource for your planning.


 Carnival of Money Stories – Why Do I Like Personal Finance so Much @ Green Panda Tree House

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Car Negotiation Coach June 27, 2010 at 10:48 am

BB- Good list and thanks for including me!

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