What to do in Retirement?

by Kay Lynn

There must be a reason retirement is called the “golden years”. With planning, it can be golden in terms of having enough money (gold) to be comfortable and in terms of enjoying a wonderful life.

There’s more to the financial side of retirement. In order to make the most of retirement it is important to plan retirement life. Mr. Boomer is already retired and his plan is to relax and just enjoy. He’s happy watching TV and puttering around the house. Me– I need to be busy and social. What I am looking forward to most in my golden years is service, travel and family. Let’s take a closer look at these areas.

Service. What I mean by service is giving to my community. This could be volunteering at any of the following places I would love to give my time such as church, women’s shelters, hospitals or all of the above. It would fill my heart to be able to do so. I have to watch my volunteer activities now to ensure I have enough energy to be my best at my day gig.

Travel. I enjoy visiting new places and old favorites. I would to be able to take some of the longer cruise itineraries that are bargains BUT long. I just sigh now and say “some day”. I am planning on retirement for the freedom to travel as long as I want as often without the restriction of vacation time constraints.

Family. Retirement gives one the luxury of being available to family when needed and as long as needed. I want my grandkids to know me through spending lots of time together. It would be great to visit my farflung siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles more often as well.

This is how I plan to spend my golden years and if I plan right, they will be indeed. Start making plans now so you can also have golden years.  It’s all about financial freedom.

What do you want to do in retirement?

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